The Faster Together Stage Comes to the Rio

LumaForge joins forces with Michael Horton

A History of Faster Together

LumaForge has hosted The Faster Together Stage for the last two years at NAB. It was our initiative to bring the post production community together through presentations from some of the top editors, colorists and VFX artists in the industry. From The Stage, we’ve produced 55 presentations the we have made free for the public online. Originally, Faster Together was a 3 day event off-site at NAB. Last year, it became an on-site event. This year, well…you’ll see.

Faster Together 2017 – Emery Wells, CEO of




The Future

On January 3, Michael Horton and Dan Berube announced that they would no longer be producing the SuperMeet at NAB. As long time attendees, the team at LumaForge personally felt the void the SuperMeet was leaving in the communal experience at NAB. So they decided to jump in and bring The Faster Together Stage to the Rio on Tuesday, April 9. In conjunction with Michael Horton, LumaForge will be creating a brand new version of The Faster Together Stage for one night. The event will focus on the community and their passion for filmmaking.

Michael Horton

“Dan and I, after 18 years, decided not to do a SuperMeet this year. When LumaForge offered to host a Tuesday night event after hearing the news, I jumped at the chance to partner with them. Their promise to bring new vigor, energy and fun to the age old Tuesday night at NAB brings renewed life to my involvement as well. I can’t wait to have you all be a part of what we’re building.
It’s going to be amazing. And oh yeah, there will be a raffle!” – Michael Horton

We couldn’t be more excited to work with Michael to put this event together. He’s been at the heart of this community for years. Through the CPUG Network and the SuperMeet, Michael has helped transform what it means to be in post production. For that we are very grateful. This year should be a blast. Look forward to seeing you there.

Visit for the initial line up and event details on February 12. Let the countdown begin!

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Patrick Southern is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge. He is also a documentary editor and has worked on projects for A&E, National Geographic, and the Lifetime Movie Network.

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