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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Chroma Keying Part 2 – SpectraMatte

As I always say, there are two things that Editors hate doing more than anything.  Motion Tracking/Roto and Chroma Keying.  In this lesson, we’re expanding on the basic RGB Keyer that we showed in the lesson on Garbage Mattes, and we talk about SpectraMatte.  What’s important to keep in mind about both of these effects, is that they not only come standard with Media Composer, but they also haven’t been updated, since they were implemented in Media Composer (SpectraMatte was added to Media Composer in 2004).  In this lesson we cover the basics of how to pull a great looking key using SpectraMatte, and discuss some of the additional parameters that it gives editors, to keep them from having to export all their footage to After Effects, to create a great looking key.

Check out Chroma Keying Part one at this link!

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