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The bridge to and from Media Composer, for the most part, is a smooth road!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week or so, running the bridge span between Media Composer and Premiere Pro, and I have to say that, for the most part, it’s a pretty smooth trip.  Now, with that being said, there are some important things that editors of both applications need to keep in mind before they start editing.  First, Media Composer has a lot of flexibility in what is supported in the AAF transfer between Media Composer and Premiere. On the other hand, though, there is a lot of minor things, like ProRes seemingly not being supported as a “Link To” format in the AAF protocol (you have to manually re-link), and Premiere not liking media that is included in the AAF from different projects.  On the other hand, not much is supported in the way of effects coming from Premiere to Media Composer.  It’s a fairly safe bet to stick with cuts and dissolves.  In the end, though, getting your timeline’s content from one application to another is relatively smooth, and there is no need, for the most part, to use Resolve as an intermediary.  Enjoy!

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