Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Power Editing Tips – Transitions

One thing that I like about this tutorial series is that my daily work directly impacts the tutorials I do.  Once I find a new tool that I find handy, it gets a tutorial.  Now you might think that that sounds pretty straight forward, but remember, I’ve been editing on Media Composer for over seventeen years, so there’s not many new tricks that I can be taught, as I pretty much know the system backwards, forwards inside and out.  For this lesson, the Transition Manipulation tool snuck up on me a few months ago, along with the Head/Tail Fade commands, and they have quickly become an essential part of my workflow.  What I’ve also found myself doing, as of late, is incorporating these new tools into a quicker workflow, and hopefully these this tutorial, along with the other “Power Editing Tips” tutorials, will give you some new tools, that you probably didn’t know were there, to speed up your workflow, and let you dedicate that extra time you have saved to tasks that really need your attention!  Enjoy!

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