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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Background Services


One thing that doing these tutorials does, is that it let’s me talk about a wide range of concepts, many of which editors either don’t use, or don’t even know they are available.  Background Services are just one of those subjects.  Not only can Background Services be used for tasks like rendering in the background, but it can also be used to Consolidate and Transcode in the background as well.   Now, this might seem like a little overkill for editors who just need to bring in a clip or two, and I totally agree, but when we’re talking about hundreds of clips, this feature will really come in handy, and the fact that all of this can be done in the background is a very big feature.  Not only is the setup of Background Services very easy, but once you see how it works inside of Media Composer, it’s going to be a workflow that you’ll easily be able to work into your next post product!

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