Lumapad: LED professional lights at crowdfunding prices

The Lumapad Project returns to Kickstarter, with the Lumapad version 2, the newest LED technology, and the promise of the highest quality for the lowest price lighting system available anywhere.

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The brightest, highest quality, lowest cost production LED lights available, Lumapad offers up to 10,000 lumens, and up to 95+ CRI, on professional LED studio light that won’t break the bank.

Our last Kickstarter campaign, says Richard Haberkern, responsible for the project, “the Lumapad was one of the brightest and most advanced LED studio lights made during that time.  Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers, we were able to take what we learned from our first version of this incredible LED production light and build on it substantially.  We now are able to bring you a new and improved product that makes us proud!”

The original Lumapad was successfully funded in April 2013. Since then, says Richard Haberkern, “people have been using these amazing lights to illuminate actors and scenes in productions or on stages around the world. Our LED technology has been both cutting edge and price slashing since its inception. Never before have so many features been packed into such a compact and reliable form factor.”


The Lumapad 2, which is the seventh project launched by Richard Haberkern on Kickstarter, is now some 39 days from being closed, and already has pledged $15,437 of a $34,000 goal. At the rate it is going it is probably going to be funded, meaning the new LED lights will become a reality. For this project Haberkern teamed up with lighting designers and inventors John and Jim Audette.  They each bring years of experience in studio lighting design and large scale manufacturing to Haberkern’s latest Kickstarter project.  


With a new design for 2015, the Lumapad 2 will be available in multiple versions: the “Little Guy Basic” and the “Little Guy Deluxe”, the “Big Bro” and the RP-28 Remote Phosphor Light. If you have a small budget production and want to start out with the best possible lighting, the “Little Guy Basic” is the perfect choice.  As your business and experience grows, you can upgrade to the heavy duty dimming power supply that gives you the same features that come standard with the deluxe LP-14 and its “Big Bro”, the LP-28.  All of these lights offer the same high quality lighting in a durable, professional enclosure that will serve you for many years to come.  As a unique addition, the lighting system accents are color coded to make identification of color temperature fast and easy.

If your budget is a little higher, start off with the “Little Guy Deluxe” light or lighting kits that come feature packed with the 5000 lumen LED lighting panel (daylight or tungsten), heavy duty dimming power supply, gel holder and all other necessary cables for either 120VAC or 240VAC operation.


The feedback from the Kickstarter community has been essential on developing the Lumapad version 2. While the first Lumapad offered WiFi, which seemed an interesting option in 2013, this new version goes in another direction, and points to high CRI (color rendering index) allied to a solid construction and a reasonable pricing on an LED light built for professionals. The “Little Guy” and “Big Bro” 3200K will offer 90 CRI, while the versions for 5600K will be 80+ CRI. The RP-28 Remote Phosphor offers up to 10,000 Lumen output and 95+ CRI with quick change phosphor plates, to easily convert from daylight to tungsten and back again.

The recommended retail prices for these lights is $399 for the LP-14 “Little Guy” Basic LED Lighting System, $489 for the LP-14 Deluxe LED Lighting System, $899 for the LP-28 “Big Bro” LED Lighting System and $1199 for the RP-28 Remote Phosphor Light with dual colour tungsten and daylight phosphors. The Kickstarter campaign supporters get the Little Guy Basic for a $299 pledge.

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