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Learn VEGAS VR Studio – Adding Titles and Media

Harnessing the power of video, text and audio in a virtual environment

Now that we’ve gone on a basic VR tour in VEGAS VR Studio, we can focus on what it means to enhance a VR tour with additional media. Doing so enables a whole new level of interaction and engagement for viewers.

Adding movies, photos and text to virtual environments in VR Studio is an incredibly intuitive process, and these elements can then be customized and shaped in whatever way creators wish. Creators can reposition, rotate and scale these items as desired, and the process to add them to an environment is just a matter of clicking the “Add Space elements”.

The surround sound audio is an especially powerful option in this regard, and since VR Studio can correctly pan the sound based on the viewer’s headset position, creators can direct viewers attention wherever they want in an en environment. It’s a capability that could see a virtual tour guide explain the history of an exhibit within a virtual museum.

Adding video, text and audio allows creators shape and refine VR experiences for viewers that they can have just as easily from their VR headset as they can from their desktop. Watch the VEGAS VR Studio tutorial below to understand how easy it is to take advantage of these options.

To learn more about VEGAS VR Studio, visit their site or watch more VR tutorials.

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