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Nicolas Moro

Great, but, where is the app _? Thanks.


What a trip, finally someone who mentions this fact! 😀 Some 23 years ago in my television drama era where Avid was the platform of choice, we used to joke about ourselves that we aren’t editors, rather office secretaries by the way we “type” (read: “video edit”, lol) so fast with both hands not even touching the mouse. Nowadays guys in my office were always speculating that either the standard Premiere keystrokes, or FCPX “philosophy” (that weird thing – for me) are supposedly better for tackling cinematic wedding videos rather than Avid’s. Tried to prove them wrong by assigning the whole function exclusively on the left side of a tiny Logitech K380 keyboard, unplugged the mouse, sit back and edit with one hand – successful but… I fell asleep mid-way lol! That became a laughingstock and the whole idea discarded – due to “unhealthy over-conveniency” would you believe. Well, now that I’m more fit I’m motivated enough to revisit this method for the second time, I’m sure it will balance between efficiency and moving a bit, so not gonna doze off this time 🙂 Thanks!

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