Join the Fitness In Post – Optimize Yourself 5x Challenge for a better you in 2017

In addition to possibly winning prizes you’ll start off the new year on a more healthy note

 We all know that sitting all day has become a major health risk that has been pushed to the forefront of our consciousness. If you’re involved in the film and video post-production industry then you might be one of those guilty of sitting all day. Zack Arnold created Fitness In Post a number of years ago out of his own personal experience with health issues related to job fatigue and burnout (PVC did a Q and A with Zack in 2014). Since then Zack has continued to be a passionate and vocal supporter of a more healthy lifestyle for editors, visual effects artists and post-production professionals everywhere.

For 2017 Zack has introduced a new program called Optimize Yourself. This program is launching the 5X Challenge in a push to get sitters everywhere to move during the day and promote a more healthy lifestyle overall. The challenge is 100% free and includes a number of great prizes for those participating. The program runs from January 9 – 13 and while signups by January 9 are ideal to get the most out of the challenge you can still signup throughout the week. Read the 5X Challenge FAQs for more details on the program. To dig deeper in to Zack’s story and how he came to create this program and be a champion of a healthier lifestyle then read his story I Was Tired of Putting My Kids to Bed via FaceTime Every Night. Here’s What I Did About It.

Many ProVideo Coalition readers work in the post-production field and are most likely sitting for a large part of their day so we are happy to help Zack promote his challenge as well as promote a more healthy lifestyle for post-production professionals all around. You can register for the 5X Challenge here. Good luck and here’s to a healthier 2017 for us all.

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