Introducing the ProVideo Coalition PVC News app for iOS and Android

Now available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android.

As ProVideo Coalition starts a new year we would like to unveil a free after-Christmas present for all of our readers: the ProVideo Coalition PVC News iPhone app. The PVC News app is an easy and fast way to keep up with all of the latest articles, news and webinars without opening your web browser. It’s fast and responsive and works great on the iPhone but is also optimized for the iPad. An Android version of the PVC News app is in the works. The Android version is NOW LIVE and ready for download.

The top of the app is divided into two tabs (though we can update as needed): HOME; FEATURED.
HOME is a chronological list of all the latest articles on the site. Scroll down and with a touch of your finger jump to any article you’d like to read. Within each article you’ll see all images and links and a touch of a link opens a built-in web browser.
The FEATURED tab is a place where PVC editors will showcase a few articles at a time on a dedicated topic worth exploring, highlighting articles by a specific writer, evergreen content worth re-reading or articles specific to an event.
There’s also a SEARCH option on the front page of the PVC NEWS app by tapping the magnifying glass.
Jump into an article and you’ll see several options in the upper right corner. Full DISQUS integration in available for commenting with a touch of the speech bubble. You can Favorite articles for quick access by tapping the Star. A tap of the iOS Sharing Menu and you can share an article via social media, text and email a link, or add the article to any app or service that supports iOS sharing.
You can Favorite articles by tapping the star and view those favorites in the Favorite tab.
You can comment on an article right in the app with Disqus.
Tap the drop-down menu in the upper left and you’ll see those same tabs as well as the Favorites option where all of your starred articles will be stored. Also under the drop-down menu is an option for WEBINARS. This link will take you right to the PVC Webinars page where you can watch webinars live every Tuesday right in the app as well as see what’s coming up from Moviola and sign up for reminders.
SETTINGS are few and while there is an option for Notifications the PVC NEWS app won’t be interrupting you a ton of notifications. See an issue with the app or have a suggestion? You can send us a message right from the Settings page of the app.
We hope the PVC NEWS app will help you keep up with all of the great content that our writers are creating in a fast and easy to read way. Tap here to go right to the App Store and download the free PVC NEWS app. And tap here for the Android version. Happy New Year!
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