Important Advertising and Publishing Announcements Scheduled for Createasphere’s DAM Conference

Ad-ID and IDEAlliance Slated to Introduce Major Technology Updates

Createasphere, the leading community builder uniting business leaders, content creators, emerging technology providers and thought leaders working in entertainment and media, announces that Ad-ID and IDEAlliance are scheduled to introduce two major industry initiatives at the Digital Asset Management Conference in New York on October 7 and 8, 2013.

Ad-ID, the recognized industry standard for registering advertising assets across all media platforms, is set to provide details about the first version of its metadata schema for the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), which defines the standardized advertising metadata to be embedded in files used in the production and distribution of ads. This announcement, in addition to this summer’s update, to The Advanced Media Workflow Association’s MXF Television digital slate, provide the standardized definitions for embedded identification data for advertising assets across all media platforms. Currently, more than 900 U.S. advertisers and their agencies register in excess of 200,000 finished commercial advertising assets per year. This number is predicted to increase to more than one million in the coming years. This announcement, supported by a major corporate partner, is widely considered to be a significant advance in industry-wide adaptation and interoperability.

“Ad-ID has always been a staunch supporter of embedded metadata, and this announcement is another element of the toolkit for Advertising interoperability, replacing tons of manual effort, temporary fixes, workarounds and short-term solutions,” said Harold S. Geller, Chief Growth officer of Ad-ID (Advertising Digital Identification LLC).

IDEAlliance, a leader in information technology and publishing, will unveil Version 1.0 of its OpenEFT™ Specification. OpenEFT is the first open format specification for the exchange and rendering of Enhanced for Tablet publications. It is intended to foster workflow efficiencies, technology innovation and reader engagement. Rendering for editorial content, advertisements, rich media and interactive enhancements found in today’s tablet publications is enabled by this specification.

“All across the media value chain – whether it’s CTOs of magazines, production staff in the trenches, or developers of digital newsstands – the absence of an open standard is inhibiting the development of innovative production tools to support the creative needs of publishers and advertisers,” said David Steinhardt, President and CEO of IDEAlliance. “OpenEFT offers publishers the ability to produce and export their content, including all associated interactive elements, into one standardized format for display across a wide range of devices, while minimizing disruption to current workflows.”

IDEAlliance will also be presenting its Integrated Media Workflow (IMW) Lab™ at the Digital Asset Management Conference. This exhibit will showcase the latest technologies and solutions transforming media production and distribution, where integration, made possible by employing DAM technologies at the heart, is now the name of the game. The IMW Lab features 6 workflow stages and twelve technology suppliers to demonstrate how digital media content distribution channels can be added to the portfolio of any publisher or advertiser. Live educational tours will be conducted in the Expo to show attendees how they can transform their print-centric linear workflows into modern integrated media workflows with the help of DAM technologies.

For more information about the Digital Asset Management Conference, please visit http://provideocoalitionexpo.com/dam or call Chris Webb at 818.842.6611, ext. 1386.

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