I switched from Mac to PC & built a system to run Media Composer 1
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Steve hullfish

Great article Kevin. I don’t even want to do this ans I was fascinated and could tell how much expertise ans school-of-hard-knocks wisdom was in here! Kudos PVC writing brother!

Scott Simmons

Yea but how does it run Adobe Premiere Pro?

Scott Simmons

Yews but how does it run Final Cut Pro X?

Scott Simmons

Yea but how does it run Resolve?

Scott Simmons

Yea but how does it run TextEdit?


fantastic article full of useful info. I think you really have to be into the whole “build your own” thing. Personally, I don’t have the patience and would rather spend the extra money to let Puget Systems or another company purpose build for me. That said, I did learn a lot about building a robust system. Thanks Kevin

Jason Jones

Canadian. How did I not know that? Great article, and from what I can gather, a really great guy. No surprise … Greetings from Quebec!

Mel Feliciano

Pretty soon all computers and motherboards will be equipped with USB-4, offering the same speed and type-c connector as Thunderbolt 3 but since it is USB, it will be universally adopted. The new Apple M1 based computers already come with this port.

Ted Vandell

Thanks very much Kevin! Have to say this is the first article I’ve read completely through on ProVideo Coalition in ages. Was almost ready to give up on it and the Mac centric articles until you posted this! Don’t get me wrong, I still have a soft spot for Mac’s having owned and loved many, but won’t likely ever own another.
More like this please!


Thanks for the article!
Dumb question but how do you use this to render if it’s only for media encoder? I assume you’re using NAS, and another machine (or machines) is doing the editing in premiere and then do you have a watch folder on your NAS that media encoder on this machine is looking at? Or is this just for ingesting and transcoding media?
Just curious because I’m very curious about having a separate machine to render my projects, just want to make sure the workflow is rock solid before investing.


I just picked up all these parts.except for the GPU. My GPU is the Geforce RTX 3060. I also have the 10th Gen i9 unlocked. for the z590 motherboard rev.1.0. you mention that you use rev.1.1. i looked on Gigabytes website and it seems there is no such thing. i am just concerned if my 10th gen i9 CPU will work with this.


@slick did your 3060 do the trick? Any issues so far running that card?

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