1.Saves time searching for assets – you know where they are, don’t you? I bet the last person that asked for it doesn’t? It’s in the media asset storage library thingy.

2.Saves time converting assets – RGB at 72 dpi and CMYK at 300 I get, but 512 Kbps constant bit rate double pass, 30fps, 1 keyframe per second is a little out of my league. Automate the digital media conversion.

3.Saves time distributing assets – burn it, pack it, ship it. It gives me reason to get more coffee and make friends with the UPS guy. Alex, what is digital asset management?

4.Saves time tracking versions – would that be the 3rd or the 33rd version? It get’s even more fun when you’re not in the same building as the other designers.

5.Saves time chasing approvals – did someone say duck, duck goose? Office games are fun, right?

6.Saves time enforcing rights – no one wants a legal matter on their hands. That’s a whole other monster.

7.Saves time reworking lost files – that’s a surefire way to get on the designer’s bad side. Keep it safe in the digital asset library.

8.Saves time starting over on new projects – everyone likes a shortcut.

9.Saves time from interruptions to your workflow – a productive workplace is a happy workplace.

10.Saves time brainstorming ways to be more efficient – trust the experts to help you with that.

How much is your time worth?

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