Hondo Garage Rigs Have a Lower Price Now

The new line of support rigs from Hondo Garage for people looking for a travel-friendly package was expensive. Not anymore!

Creator of some interesting solutions when it comes to minimalist camera-stabilizing solutions, Hondo Garage agrees that their equipment is not the cheapest in the market. In fact, they say downright that it is “too damned expensive”. So, they decided to lower the prices.

The Really Comfortable Rig, the Backcountry Shoulder Rig and the Pop & lock PRO are not in line with the $50 Follow Focus and the Barely Rig that helped to make Hondo a name amongst cinematographers, but they have a new price now, meaning that they are more affordable even for the indie videographer just starting up.

The Really Comfortable Rig  was designed with a fast workflow in mind. When you want to grab a low-angle shot or shoot from a tripod, just pop the camera off via the quick release base. The top handle and front rods stay connected to the camera. No need to untangle your camera from the rig. Compatible with any camera with a 1/4-20 mounting point, it offers a built-in quick release plate Arca-Swiss compatible and is ideal for cameras up to 10 lbs. It now costs $399.

The Backcountry Shoulder Rig is to be used when most of your gear bag is filled with survival gear and your shoot requires self-sufficiency and epic bushwhacks. If your adventure allows for a bit more camera luggage, the Backcountry Shoulder Rig can be upgraded to become the Really Comfortable Rig with the addition of a few extra pieces. You can also add a pair of front Iris rods and a follow focus. The new price for the Backcountry Shoulder Rig is $299.

The Pop & Lock PRO follows the idea that you get the shot with the gear you have. It converts from top handle to shoulder stock or side grip, giving you steady shots wherever you and your camera happen to land. This versatile stabilization tool is also the starting point for Hondo’s collection of handheld support rigs, so it’s a great option to start building your kit. The Pop & Lock PRO costs $159.

If you just bought one of these items and feel you should have waited, Don’t worry. Hondo stated, when making the announcement, that they will refund the difference for buyers of the new stuff.

The reduction is price does not mean that Hondo Garage will be manufacturing their products overseas. The company says that they’re “entirely committed to in-house manufacturing. We believe that making things yourself is the best path toward high-value products and we’re interested in being the best value, not the cheapest.”



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