Her Name Was Moviola - An interview with Walter Murch about film editing with the Moviola 1
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I’m 82, and spent over half a century as a production sound mixer. Early on, I did some editing, all on Moviolas, including the early “Black Mariah”, which had a large glass magnifying lens to look directly at the work print, instead of a ground-glass screen with a projected image. This film certainly brings back memories of the good old days, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I remember making audio fades by cutting a 14″-long diagonal slice across the magstripe and a blank leader under it, then taping the end of the stripe taper to the beginning of the leader taper.

charles campagna

Thank You for creating this. Walter and Mike Leigh are masters in their art. They are mentors to myself and all my colleagues and I ALWAYS look forward to learning from such masters. Im now 53, and started in post sound in 89 on analog 1/4 inch tape.. I remember the smell of film from the cutting room floors and the amazing editors who sat beside each other working the Movieloas.. True alchemy! I look forward to the younger generation gaining knowledge from this venture from one of our greats..

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