Green Screen Workflows: An Interview with a Compositor

An interview that outlines the history and process of compositing

As the author of the Green Screen Handbook (Sybex/Wiley, pub), I’ve been interviewed a few times for publications, blogs and videos. One such interview because a feature on a blog called the SpliceVine with Eric Wise. They do a monthly feature interview that publishes a new topic/question for each weekday and my interview was on the topic of Keying/Matting.

Much of the interview covers material I’ve only shared in my book so far, but I’ve also provided some images for them to include. In addition to my years of experience working with blue/green screen production & compositing, I’ve also utilized information that I’ve obtained while researching my book, including interviews I’ve gotten from compositing pioneers like Petro & Paul Vlahos of Ultimatte, Jonathan Erland from Composite Components and John Galt from Panavision. One such graphic is the graphic below reproduced to explain how the Bayer Pattern sensors aren’t true 4:4:4 as some camera manufacturers may claim – as provided by John Galt of Panavision. (be sure to see my “Master of Compositing” video interview series here on PVC).

An example from the online interview discussing camera sensors

View the entire pictorial interview discussion here: 



In addition, here’s a short video interview I did at Adobe MAX last year discussing lighting & setup of your green screen:




I hope you find the information in these interviews helpful and useful in your blue/green screen productions!


Jeff Foster is a published author of several how-to books and training videos in the motion graphics, animation and video production industries and is an award-winning video producer and artist. Visit his web site to learn more about his training methods, tips & tricks

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Jeff Foster has written and contributed to several books and magazines, and has been producing motion graphics, photography and creative design for major corporations, television and film for more than 25 years. See his full…

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