Google Wifi: How/why to interconnect units via Ethernet 5
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Jeremy J Jedlicka

when you say, “2. Primary Wifi point’s LAN port to any Mesh Wifi point port via wired Ethernet” are you supposed to connect to the wan or the lan port on the mesh wifi point? I thought it makes a difference.

Nahuel Mina

Same question here.


You connect from the LAN port on the upstream device to the WAN point on the downstream device. My question is how close together these can be when wired serially or in “parallel” via switch.


Thank you so much for this article! The amount of help it gave and time it saved me is unmatched


Hi, i want to connect one google wifi to another by wire, but the firstone is already connected by mesh (not wired) to primary onhub,

i tried but im still seeing “mesh” instead wired. Cable works fin (i tested connecting to my laptop)

Diagram will be:

On hub -> google wifi (mesh) -> google wifi (wired).

thanks for your help!

Chet Stroh

Using the Google WIFI Mesh system of 3 units. First unit has the WAN port connected to the modem. The other two Mesh units are not wired to the first Mesh unit but communicate wirelessly as I understand it. . Have used the LAN port on each Mesh unit to hard wire connect tp printers and a computer all without the wireless feature. My question is can I use an unused WAN port of one of the Mesh units which already has the LAN port in use to hard wire to another printer?


ethernet switch between modem and primary wifi point? that is, modem->ethernet switch -> from which you could attach a tv, a streaming device AND a primary wifi point? I’m trying to mostly remove my google wifi as the critical path for the entire house (access through the wifi point drops every few hours, even though the fiber jack / modem still has internet access. I figure if i have stuff hard wired into the switch (directly connected to the modem) then maybe those devices will still work during my wifi “outage”.

Timothy Bergeron

In your configuration of:
Modem → Primary Wifi point→ Switch → Mesh WiFi point

Were you able to connect other devices to the switch including the WiFi Mesh points?

I want to make sure that if I purchase an unmanaged switch for this configuration I can hard wire other devices other than just the Mesh points.

I want to get your direct experience on this for a client. Otherwise I will have to set up a lab to confirm before I deploy.

The same situation, Very large house. Client has many Mesh points already. House is wired with more that 48 data runs. Looking to get them a 48 point switch. Just trying to utilize there existing equipment.

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