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Get Started Fast with Media Composer for High-Res Workflows—Part 5

To be honest, editing in Media Composer is easy.  It’s getting your footage out of Media Composer that can become pretty tricky.  Luckily, the move to larger than HD projects has given us a new codec to work with, DNxHR, but the process of exporting footage from Media Composer has pretty much stayed the same.  Mac users even have a bonus, as they get access to ProRes codec for larger than HD footage, in addition to the DNxHR codecs.   Now, if it’s just exporting clips for delivery, that’s fairly straightforward.  But, what if you are sending your footage to a third party application like After Effects for some compositing work, or to finish your color correction in Davinci Resolve?  Then what do you do.  Well, in this final lesson in my look at larger than HD workflows in Avid Media Composer, we’ll tackle just these issues.  First, we look at the awesome AMA File export, and you’ll quickly see how efficient this workflow is for getting media out of Media Composer, then we’ll move onto QuickTime Reference files, as well as recompressed file export to DNxHR QT files.  Finally, we’ll wrap up by looking at a roundtrip from Media Composer to both Adobe’s After Effects, as well as Davinci Resolve.  The After Effects workflows are for individual clip compositing, where as the Resolve workflow is for “roundtripping”, meaning sending a sequence of clips from Media Composer to Resolve, and the getting back a sequence of clips from Resolve to drop back into your timeline.

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