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Free this week? Enter one of these two editing contests and maybe win some prizes

The Adobe Terminator Dark Fate and Filmsupply Editfest gives you footage to cut and pries to win

I’m a bit late in posting this article but up and coming editors (or editors without anything to do over the next week or so) have a couple of options for ways to spend their time as far as editing contests go as there are a couple of them running right now. And they have prizes

Adobe Terminator Dark Fate #CreateYourFate

The biggie that many editors might be most interested in is the Adobe / Terminator #CreateYourFate challenge where you get to remix the trailer using your favorite Adobe products (Premiere, Rush and soem Adobe Stock assets) and win some prizes. The contest is open from September 16 – October 7 so you’ve got just a few days left for your submission. The website has all the info you need as well as links to enter the contest and download all the assets to make your trailer. You get 121 clips to work with which includes some really good movie footage. It’s cool to see the studios offer this up. Prizes?


  • $10,000 cash
  • One-year Creative Cloud membership
  • Private screening for you + 50 friends
  • Chance to showcase your work at Adobe MAX


  • $1,000 cash
  • One-year Creative Cloud membership
  • Chance to showcase your work at Adobe MAX


  • $2,000 cash
  • One-year Creative Cloud membership
  • 1:1 virtual consultation with Adobe Creative Director
  • Chance to showcase your work at Adobe MAX

That Grand Prize is pretty cool. A lot of editors have already been working so if you want to enter this one get to it!


Filmsupply EditFest

The second editing contest currently running is the Filmsupply Editfest where you have the challenge of cutting “the best 60-second spec piece imaginable.” Okay. And according to the website, winners will get “industry press, sponsored prizes and enough cash to bathe in.” Double okay. Entries are in one of three categories: movie trailer, advertisement, and title sequences. Hit the FAQ page for more info.

The Filmsupply contest runs from September 10 – October 10 so if you haven’t already started on your entry then you better get on it. Prizes?






These are some great opportunities for those up and coming editors to get to shape their craft with content that might not otherwise be available. There was a time when getting high quailty footage to edit with wasn’t possible (okay Highlander: Uncut was once out there long ago). When EditStock came along, quailty footage was within a new editor’s reach. Now an editor-in-training can shoot their own footage on their phone to supplement any and all of the options above. It’s a great time to be a creator, and you might win some prizes in the process. You’ve only got a week left in these contests so, as I said, if you haven’t already entered do it today and get to cutting. 

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