A free eBook on Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects

Cave paintings from Prehistoric times already show people and animals with several legs, to give a sense of motion in static images. Motion has always been a crucial part of graphics. The free eBook “Motion Graphics Design Academy” guides you through that adventure.

A free eBook on Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects

You’re an artist? A storyteller? A filmmaker? You love graphic design and want to learn the high art of animation? Then this eBook is for you. Written by Timo Fecher, it  aims to help you transform your ideas into visible art.

Adobe After Effects is a constant reference within the 200 pages of this eBook, because it is the most common motion graphic software, but Timo Fecher adds that “I’m sure that the majority of techniques I’ll describe can also be applied to any other animation software.” And he does describe a lot of techniques and tips, although this is not an eBook of tutorials, but mostly an eye-opener to help readers “ learn how to deal with designs and how to use our tools the right way, to transform our imagination into visible art.”

The eBook “Motion Graphics Design Academy”, which will be available for free during the Spring of 2017, is an in-depth look at the production of impressive animations. It includes descriptions of a complex design process from classical static design theory to modern animation techniques. With the combination of professional knowledge and appealing storytelling you’ll be able to improve your artistic skills and to impress your clients and audience!

A free eBook? Yes, Timo Fecher says this is a good way to make his platform – Crossfeyer  –  more prominent within the graphics, VFX, and motion design industry. He adds that “we’re regularly giving away some awesome free stuff and email courses to our newsletter subscribers. If our newsletter is of no value for you (and we’re sure that’s only the case when you have nothing to do with the VFX & motion graphics industry), then you can unsubscribe at any time!”

ProVideo Coalition had the chance to browse through the 200 page eBook “Motion Graphics Design Academy” and can assure readers it is an interesting eBook that artists from different areas – videographers, photographers, graphic artists, motion graphic animators –  will want to read. It’s one eBook that took a long time to develop. Its inception goes back to a decade ago, when Timo Fecher first discovered the creative world of motion graphics, and, as he says, “was overwhelmed by its artistic and narrative powers. Never before had I seen a comparable form of media that is able to seamlessly unite meaningful graphics, emotional sound, and exciting motion into one piece of art.”

The actual writing of the eBook is more recent, though. Fecher says “we’ve been working on this project (during leisure time) since the Summer of 2015. If we wouldn’t be such perfectionists, the book would probably have been finished in the Summer of 2016, but then it wouldn’t have been perfect. A dilemma. We now plan to release it in the Spring of 2017.”

The eBook “Motion Graphics Design Academy” covers one aspect its author thinks is essential, but that many tutorials and books never touch: how to design. Timo Fecher believes that “at some point you have to step out of your comfort zone and start working on your own designs. Start being an artist! In the course of this ebook I will not go too much into detail on different software and how they work. There are plenty of resources about that issue and I want you to view software as a tool, a means to an end. Do not restrict yourself to one software. They are all interchangeable. Your knowledge about design and how it works is not interchangeable. That is why I will concentrate on you as an artist and the improvement of your skills.”

A free eBook on Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects

Who is this eBook for, you may ask? Well, the “Motion Graphics Design Academy” is for people who want to learn more about the basics of design, animation, and project design. It’s for newcomers, graphic designers who want to add a new dimension to their art, everyone dealing with digital image processing, and especially all kinds of filmmakers who want to improve their movies, trailers, title sequences, video clips, and commercials.

The goal of the eBook, according to Timo Fecher, is to give its readers a profound background knowledge about design and animation principles and to improve their artistic skills. Software and plug-ins are changing constantly. But all that theory about storytelling, animation, color, typefaces, composition & compositing will stay the same.

The eBook, which is distributed completely free, will be released this Spring. Until then the author wants to reach a total of 10000 subscribers to receive the eBook. So, what are you waiting for? Get first row access to 200 pages of information motion graphic design. Use the direct link from ProVideo Coalition to claim your copy of “Motion Graphics Design Academy”.

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