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Some July 4th fun with X-Particles


July 4th

With the 4th of July around the corner, I thought I would share a way to build digital fireworks with X-Particles. I’m sure this has been done thousands of times by artists, but it can be nice to have a different thought process to check out sometimes. I figured this could be an extra post this weekend for those with some extra time or need to learn about how to do this for any last minute projects.

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This particular tutorial tries to capture the essence of big display fireworks shows. We are not going for photo-realism or anything, just that fun fireworks feel. Rendering these fireworks out as is and post processing them with a simple lens blur of your choice could create some cool backgrounds for videos.

These bokeh images were done with After Effects and the Frischluft LensCare plugin. There is a custom shape layer of a heart, star, and the last one is the standard iris shape.


fireworks fireworks fireworks



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