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“Is there a level of intelligence where our conversation right now would allow us to import what I’m saying onto a “Durin” track and all of what Scott is saying onto a “Scott” track? And then we could potentially bring in a “Woody” track to potentially build in those sub-mix tracks. That would make it much easier for somebody to export, dialogue, music and effect tracks as separate splits.” Isn’t this what iXML does when recording sound on a compatible device? this is an option in FCP when importing

Scott Simmons

That is exactly what iXML does if the WAV files are tagged with the correct metadata. I won’t label a track but rather the channels in the WAV file. Unfortunately PPro can’t do much with that except to see that metadata in a panel so no real use in the timeline. FCPX can but, of course, with not tracks it’s a different way of working.

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