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Explore the Details Around the New Stock Plugin for Premiere Pro from Pond5

An interview with Avtandil Chachibaia from Pond5

Plugin Watermarked

The plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that gives editors instant access to nearly 5 million royalty-free video and audio clips just received an update, and those details are available via the press release. The plugin allows users to easily import watermarked comps into their projects, add effects, and test clips.

We wanted to learn more though, so we talked with Avtandil Chachibaia from Pond5 to find out why the plug-in has gotten so popular, discover the real differences between these versions, how it compares to other alternatives and plenty more.


ProVideo Coalition: News about the relaunch of the free Pond5 plugin for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC just went public…what sort of response have you seen around it so far?

Avtandil Chachibaia: Responses about the new version of Pond5 plugin for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Our community is loving the improved speed and functionality. We are really excited about the relaunch and hope it improves the workflow for current and new media makers.


For anyone unfamiliar, what are the essentials about the plug-in that people need to know?

The plugin is available for free at pond5.com/adobe and allows editors to easily import watermarked comps of Pond5’s video and audio libraries into their projects, add effects, and test clips. Once they are ready to purchase the watermarked content, a single button automates the entire process of buying, downloading, and replacing low-resolution watermarked previews with hi-resolution unwatermarked files.


What kind of a difference can this make to professionals who are looking to utilize stock footage?

Professionals are always busy and content research can take significant time when switching between browser windows and editing spaces and downloading and uploading files. Our goal with this plugin was to eliminate hassle and provide fast and user friendly experience for editors to access the world’s largest royalty free collection of footage and audio on the web.

Plugin Preview  

Why do you think the plug-in has gotten so popular?

The plugin helps editors instantly download watermarked versions of media files and make the cut to show to clients without investing too significant time or money. Once editors get the green light on content they are just one click away to replace the timeline with the high res version without ever leaving the Premiere interface. Also, we believe the educational element of the plugin has helped it to become popular. There are tremendous possibilities to create content for film students who need material to work with in their editing class.


Version 2 features faster search and importing and instant checkout, but what other differences will users notice?

The revamped version of the plugin is HTML5 based which increases the search and download speed substantially. Another big differentiator is our ever growing Free Public Domain library which currently boasts 75,000+ free files and is now available within the plugin. Also, the plugin users receive instant access to 50 free clips valued over $1000 immediately when they install the plugin.  


How does this compare with Adobe’s recently announced stock content service, Adobe Stock?

We were excited to learn of Adobe’s aggressive move into Stock Media. This further strengthens the category as the most interesting space in all of digital media.

The Adobe Stock offering does not currently include audio or footage and since we offer the largest collection of royalty free video and audio we believe that Pond5 plugin enables best in class functionality for Premiere users to access this sort of content in a fast and easy way.

  Plugin Library

Any plans to expand this plug-in beyond Premiere?

We have few ideas that we are working on so please stay tuned


What would you say about the plug-in to anyone who doesn’t want to change the way they search for stock content?

We have heard countless times how the Pond5 Plugin has improved the workflow for editors who are working on tight deadlines. We hope its speed and efficiency will encourage more media makers to try it out and see for themselves how seamless the stock media research and download can be.

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