Enter the RED Komodo 6K S35 19
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George Loch


Thank you for your insights on this camera. Would you say the AF is more like ‘Touch to focus’ or is it semi-reliable with Canon glass?

Phil Holland

It’s evolving fast George. Latest firmware has autofocus to track a subject and it works alarmingly well. I think there’s one or two firmware update coming this month that will add more functionality. As for “animal track” and all that, I have no clue. But right now the PDAF is working better than I expected even.


What do you mean global shutter sensors? Aren’t they separate mechanisms? The F65 and the Alexa Studio have mechanical shutters and HDR S35 sensors and have been around for a decade so I’ve no idea what you mean when you say global shutter sensors tend to have low DR or whatever. This is absolutely a much more portable and versatile package compared to the ones I mentioned, but the idea of a mechanical shutter in a high resolution, HDR camera is nothing new or revolutionary. Not even close.

Phil Holland

Hello Sergio,

Digital and even film utilizing some sort of rolling shutter. In the realm of digital this is in reference to the typical horizontal scan line readout which is also effected by the readout speed of the sensor itself. A slow readout speed is where rolling shutter artifacts occur, i.e. “jello footage”. Komodo doesn’t use a rolling shutter, but instead instantly takes an entire frame at a time. This means motion blur tied to slow readout speeds like weird propellers, half frame flashes, and various other artifacts do not occur.


Does anyone think if the Komodo 6k can feet a zyhun gimble ?

Christopher Nguyen

Thanks so much for all your posts on the Komodo! Just emailed Jarred about my interest in purchasing one! Would you be able to shed some light on the audio/preamp mixer setup you have above? Thank you.

Bryan L

Is there real world confirmation of the ProRes 2k and 4k modes using the entire S35 sensor size and downscaling?


Yes, it works. You can select to use the hole sensor and save the files to prores 4K and 2K.


I want to get mine, do you have a clue of how i could purchase a Komodo?

Michael Jones

It was my understanding the Komodo in ProRes mode does not crop the sensor… Example: Soothing in 6k mode records to ProRes 4K option.

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