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Generating Revenue Through Digital Asset Management by Randy Busch


Game developers are facing a potential mother lode when it comes to the mobile gaming market. With mobile games revenues expected to reach $11.2 billion by 2010 (Informa), market revenues set to triple to over $9 billion within a year (LogicaCMG), and mobile device users projected to reach 2 billion by the end of 2005 (Informa), mobile gaming is definitely not a market to be ignored.

However, when it comes to managing content in the mobile world, developers and publishers are finding it challenging to cash in on the true revenue potential of this growing market. This is because mobile game development is a dramatically different exercise than adapting content for the online and console worlds, where one need only create a handful of versions to meet the required critical mass for profitability.

In the mobile world, there is an ever escalating quantity of mobile assets, such as games, images, ring tones and video clips, which are becoming increasingly hard to manage efficiently and profitably. Add to that the rapid growth in mobile phone usage, as well as types of mobile devices and operator requirements, and we are seeing more and more dollars being left “on the table” because of inadequate digital management practices.

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