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Creative Cloud video updates at IBC 2015

Adobe has revealed updates to its pro video apps in Creative Cloud, though a specific release date was not shared. Adobe will also be showing the new features at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam for the next week. By the way, a separate bug fix update for Premiere Pro CC was released, which may have its own issues for some.

Basic information about new and upcoming versions of the prof video and audio apps was posted in Coming Soon to Video: A Redefinition of High Definition, and demos of these new features are on YouTube. There’s also a planned webcast of an IBC Online event on September 15th, 9:00 am – 10:00 am PDT (Watch On Demand). Meaty details though are on team blogs.


Highlights of the update are in the Adobe overview of the Creative Cloud “Next” video tools:

  • Comprehensive native format support for 4K-to-8k footage in Premiere Pro CC, with support for UltraHD and H.265, High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows and improved color fidelity, as well as Lumetri color effect for After Effects CC.
  • Introduction of touch screen features with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Character Animator optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows 8 tablets, and Apple track pad devices.
  • You will be able to adjust the duration of a song to match video content with Remix, a new feature in Audition CC. Remix automatically rearranges music to any duration while maintaining musicality and structure, creating custom tracks to fit storytelling needs.
  • There will be updated support for Creative Cloud Libraries across CC desktop video tools, powered by Adobe CreativeSync. Assets, including images from Adobe Stock, will instantly appear in After Effects and Premiere Pro.
  • In Adobe Media Encoder, Destination Publishing will provide a single action for rendering and delivering content to popular social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.
  • Adobe Anywhere (team blog), a collaboration platform for enterprise teams, will add the ability to be deployed as either a multi-location streaming solution or a single-location collaboration-only version. Enhancements include faster playback with the instant-on capability of the latest TVSDK, more mobile-friendly frictionless authentication with OAUTH 2.0, and new support for OTT and TV Everywhere measurement in Adobe Analytics.
  • posted a video (below), IBC2015: Bill Roberts from Adobe, which was summarized by Adobe’s Kevin Monahan. Bill is the Senior Director of Product Management for Video at Adobe and plans for the future.

Below are the more detailed feature updates in text and video, pulled from Adobe team blogs and elsewhere. We’re still in the announcement stage though, so 3rd-party perspectives are rare for now.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (team blog)

  • expanded support for UltraHD, 4K and beyond with native support (encode and decode) for HEVC (h.265), DNxHR, and OpenEXR media
  • Lumetri Color Panel support for High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • GPU-accelerated Optical Flow interpolation for smoother slow motion and speed ramps, and frame-rate conversion
  • improvements coming to the Adobe Stock and Libraries panels
  • basic touch support for Windows hybrid touch devices like Microsoft Surface Pro, and improved gestural support using Apple Force Touch track pad

◊ Be sure to see Premiere Pro product manager Al Mooney’s features announcement, Revealing the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
◊ There’s more on HDR and the Lumetri panel on the Speedgrade blog in A Closer Look at the Lumetri Color Panel.
◊ Help will have a new features summary (update coming).

Adobe After Effects CC (team blog)

  • Preview options and behavior continue to evolve from changes made in June 2015
  • User interface improvements for touch screens, multi-touch devices, and small screens
  • Multi-touch zoom, pan, and scroll gestures
  • Stacked panels and workspace bar
  • Improved color management, with new ICC profiles
  • Lumetri Color effect
  • New importers for HEVC (H.265), DNxHR, and Dolby Vision PQ codecs and formats
  • Scripting access to text baseline
  • Streamlined workflow for using assets from CC Libraries
  • Automatic replacement of watermarked assets with licensed assets when using Adobe Stock
  • New Cycore CC effects, CC Vignette and CC HexTile
  • Updated OptiX library for ray-traced 3D renderer
  • Improved Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, And Footage Panels option
  • Character Animator improvements (see blog)
  • many additional changes and bug fixes

◊ Be sure to see After Effects product manager Todd Kopriva’s feature outline in What’s new and changed in the upcoming update to After Effects CC 2015.

◊ After Effects Help will have a New features summary (update coming).
◊  Check out the Adobe Forum if you want to talk about the new features.

Todd Kopriva spoke with Slaschcam at IBC 2015 on general development directions for After Effects, including interesting info on nodes and GPU processing.

Adobe Media Encoder CC (team blog)

  • The marquee features for the next release include Destination Publishing to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, expanded support for UHD, OpenEXR and other formats, Automatic Loudness correction
  • Improved image sequence workflows, watch output folder to automatically process image sequence
  • Other enhancements include MXF Channelization, IRT compliance, IMX audio options to create PCM encoded audio (instead of AES3) and 16 channel export, a new HDR to SDR conversion filter, new Time Interpolation settings, a new Video Limiter in the Effects tab, and more.

◊ Al Mooney posted all the new features in his announcement, What’s Coming Next to Adobe Media Encoder.
◊ Help will have a new features summary (update coming).

Adobe SpeedGrade CC and Adobe Hue mobile (team blog)

◊ Help will have a new features summary (update coming).

Adobe Audition CC (team blog)

  • Remix in Audition generates automatic remixes to match the duration of any video or project. It uses a combination of beat detection, content analysis, and the same spectral source separation technology found in the Sound Remover effect, to identify hundreds of transition points in your song, to rearrange passages to create a new composition.
  • Generate Speech creates scratch voiceover or sound design tracks using the text-to-speech functionality built into your OS.
  • A newly renamed Match Loudness panel links multitrack clips to new media assets, changing the content while keeping all edits, automation, and effects and ensuring your content is broadcast legal, selecting from many international loudness standards or your custom settings.
  • There’s a bunch more in Sneak peek at what’s new in Audition CC 2015.1 !

◊ Help will have a new features summary (update coming).


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