Compound Term Processing

Most meaning is expressed in short patterns of words whilst single words in isolation are highly ambiguous. And yet all statistical information retrieval products work on the basis of single word terms. Untilnow …

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Concept Searching is the only companyto offer a full range ofstatistical information retrieval products based onCompound Term Processing. Our unique technology automatically identifies the word patterns in unstructured text thatconvey the most meaning and our products use these higher order terms to improve Precision with no loss of Recall.

The algorithmsadapt to each customer’s content andthey work in any language regardless of vocabulary or linguistic style.

Compound Term Processing benefits all information retrieval tasks and can be fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Enterprise Search, including:

All of our products are fully integrated with Microsoft:

Watch the 5 minutevideoabout Automated Metadata Generation and Taxonomy Management for SharePoint.


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