Branded RSS in the era of platform expulsion

Does your podcast RSS feed use your own domain, or someone else’s?

In this article, I’ll clarify what an RSS feed is, why it’s such a critical element in order to syndicate an online show (audio or video) as a podcast to multiple platforms, together with related analogies and anecdotes. Then I’ll explain the benefits and methods of having one with your own branding, using your own Internet domain as the RSS feed’s core. This is especially important now, in the era of platform expulsion (censorship). I’ll cover how you can get a branded RSS feed, regardless of whether you use one of two particular dedicated podcast media hosts which permit it so far (Blubrry or Libsyn), or you self-host your show(s), as is the case with mine, that of James Cridland (Podnews), Leo Laporte (TWiT show & network) and —most recently— the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission’s More than Seven Dirty Words). I also discuss this aloud with Chris Curran on my BeyondPodcasting show (episode 8 embedded ahead).

Whether you listen here, on BeyondPodcasting’s page or in a podcatcher app, please read the full article here, which will be continually updated.

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