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Let’s Edit with MC – Keying Part 4 – Mocha Masking Basics

This is always one of my favorite topics.  People get a little confused when they see Mocha and Keying in the same sentence, because Mocha is normally associated with Motion Tracking, and Keying is normally an effect-based process, so people don’t connect the two.  Well, here’s the connection.  When working with Chroma keys, ideally, you’ll want to do some inside/outside masking to remove unnecessary areas outside of the main keying area (Outside Mask), and add or reinforce the areas inside your subject, so there’s no unnecessary spill, or key loss (Inside Mask).  Well, I’ll be honest with you.  I’m not doing that manually.  That can take an unnecessarily long time, and I need to get this key looking as good as it can, as quickly as it can.  That’s where Mocha BCC (integrated into Primatte Studio) comes into play.  Inside/Outside masking has never been easier with the ability to quickly create static masks, but having the ability to use the world’s most power tracking tool, track your Inside/Outside masks is something huge, and in this lesson, we’re going to cover the basics that you need to know, to get your self up and masking with Mocha BCC!

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