Video is the hot new topic and tool for marketing departments everywhere. Many dream of a viral video that costs next to nothing to make, yet vaults your company image through the roof, with sales increases being able to be directly attributed to your little “video idea.” While most realize how rare this occurrence is, video is still an increasingly popular tool used to not only promote your brand, but to demonstrate, train, meet, archive….the list goes on and on. Video management however, puts an enormous strain on normal corporate web servers and structure. IT departments are reluctant to “retool” the whole works in order to start hosting “marketing videos.”

Digital Asset Management based Embed Links allow you not only to quickly add video and images to your site, but because they are served by a Content Delivery Network that specializes in the mass delivery of files over the internet, they also provide instant scalability. You will not see any hits on performance because 100, or even 1000 people are accessing the same video at the same time. Your normal web servers would slow to a crawl. Also, the file only exists in one place while it is “linked” to by all other sites. If you update an image or a video in Digital Asset Management, it will automatically be updated and refreshed in all the other sites that have linked to it. Santa, I’ll take one of those please!