Act of Valor world premiere with Navy SEALs

Monday, February 13th marked the world premiere of feature film Act of Valor at the legendary Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. Produced by the Bandito Brothers, Act of Valor is inspired by real-life events and, for the first time ever, stars active duty United States Navy SEALs. Among the premiere attendees were many of the Navy’s finest, and press and paparazzi lined the carpet where customary Hollywood red carpet was replaced by United States Navy blue. Just before the throngs were let into the theater, the crowd welcomed in six VIP guests whose entrance was unique.

Sparks lit the night sky and the crowd turned their gazes upward. It was like a scene out of Superman – Look, up in the sky… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s six Navy SEAL precision paratroopers lofting down over Hollywood to land within ten feet of the theater entrance. As you can imagine, the crowd went wild.

All 937 seats of the Cinerama Dome were filled for this highly anticipated premiere, and in the audience were Adobe team members Mike Kanfer and David McGavran, just a couple of the Adobe support team who worked closely with the Bandito Brothers and the whole Act of Valor team throughout production and post.

Adobe is incredibly proud of the major role our video production tools played in the making of this film, and we congratulate the Act of Valor team and specifically our good friend and colleague Bandito Brother, Jacob Rosenberg, on an incredibly successful endeavor. Audiences at Monday’s premiere left raving, so be sure to check local listings when Act of Valor opens in 3,000 theaters across the country Friday, February 24th.

For details on how Act of Valor incorporated multiple Creative Suite Production Premium components – including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore, Media Encoder, and more, see this video.

Michelle Gallina

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