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Ronald Sussman

I sincerely hope and pray that Adobe does not adopt a magnetic timeline. that is the one thing I absolutely hate about FCPX. It is more of a hindrance than a help

August Freirich

They wouldn’t kill their app like that. Would not be surprised if they offer it as an option, but never a default.


FCP’s magnetic timeline is simply genius. You just need to understand it. Try to learn the concepts of it. By under taking new projects and understand the philosophy of the application. I can tell you one thing, once you “get it”, you can’t go back. Cause all traditional track-base NLEs are primitive and arcane. Premiere is just one bloated piece of mess and crap. I don’t want to get into the debate of Premiere vs FCP. Every NLE has strength and weakness. I use all 4 of them BTW.


Indeed! But it is funny that you say that most don’t prefer it. Where I come from, almost everyone who has used FCP or given some time to “re-learn” never looked back. On the contrary, it somewhat changed their lives and workflows. Wished they gave it some time to learn earlier. Premiere is fine, but 70-80% of the time, but it will slow you down at every single step. So yes, as someone who uses all four of them, it is all about strengths and weaknesses. But 95% of the time, FCP is the preferred NLE. But If there is one NLE that needs to be buried underground like nuclear waste or meltdown for thousand years, that is Adobe Premiere. It is a borderline malicious application that installs unnecessary spyware and telemetry services on your computer. So use it with caution, which is all I can say.


Evidence? They are all on our computers if we have to use any Adobe Apps. You can monitor and filter all the traffic of all adobe services and activities right within your computer. You can be using something like Activity monitor, Little Snitch, Glances or Process Hacker if you are on Windows.

I duel boot using another hdd of OS just for Adobe Apps. You could use also VM if you want open a project quickly.

You could argue that those services are only for licensing and “product improvement analytics”.

Here are some articles.




Sophos has labelled the Adobe Cloud Connection service as a Virus and Spyware. Again you could argue it might be a false positive.

The gentleman, Eric Baranowski, has some observations..

“And those are just the connections that they aren’t trying to hide. Adobe is one of, if not THE most invasive out of any software I’ve ever seen before. They install layers on layers on layers just to embed their footprint on your machine forever. The only thing they really don’t have access to on a mac is the /System folder, Apple gets that for their own spying.”

Adobe is one of the biggest offenders here. It only gets bloated at every release. And at every new release, new telemetry services are installed. Does all other NLE or Apps collect data? I am sure they do, but to what extent or how ethically it is done?

If anyone is not worried or concern about their data and computer’s privacy, activities and fingerprinting, I am sure all this means nothing to them.

To answer your last question on why FCP is not the dominant NLE in the market. It is pretty simple; Education, Lack of awareness/time, Ignorance, or Comfort-zone. Just to name a few. But partly also due to Apple’s fault and marketing.

It is like how normies use, Chrome browser (Despite all the data collection from google and the zero privacy). Since everyone uses Chrome, everyone will use Chrome, making Chrome the dominant browser on the market. Premiere is like Chrome.

End of the day, life is short. Use the NLE and applications that is least invasive or respects your privacy and data. Most importantly lets you get home to your family and friends quickly. 🙂


It is indeed normal for cloud bases apps to do it. As mention, Adobe is the biggest offenders compared to, say a company like Maxon, Autodesk or Foundry. This goes across the board of their apps. If you need 20 services running in the background and scattered all over your OS, it clearly shows how invasive and crudely written their applications are.

Absolutely! Facts are facts. Apple messed up their initial launch. And we all know the story. Every user is different, and every one of us is wired differently. And everyone has a different preconceived notion and starting point. It is everyone’s choice. My observation here is most are terrified and nervous about unlearning anything.

If I were an Anti-Adobe troll, my responses would be entirely different. But who am I kidding. The vast majority is Premiere. No doubt about it. In our line of work, we just have to use the required app to get the job done. Most new users or fresh graduates don’t have much choice. They have to use the NLE, and the apps are given to them by their employers. Many factors, business decisions, cost, etc. Hence it becomes a vicious cycle. The term “industry standard” or dominant product is overrated in my experience and opinion.

Fortunately, I am in a position to dictate the workflow and choose the NLE, tools and apps that I want to use or the best workflow implementation for the whole team, organisation and project and the entire production.

I’m not particularly eager to use my real name and email. Cause I don’t want to be part of some marketing emailing and tracking list.

Thanks for all the valuable information and articles you provide on your site and for the community!

Jef Huey

I have always been surprised and annoyed that Composite in Linear Color is turned On in the default sequence settings. From my understanding and experience, for 95% of users this should NOT be on as it creates fades from black, dissolves and other image mixing actions that do not look as most of us would expect nor want them to look. When I suggest to other editors that they turn this off and look at their sequences I generally hear positive cheers.


Hi Scott, you mentioned a new Timecode effect – when was this introduced?

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