NAB 360º Video Report #5 – Tim Sarnoff, President Production Services and Deputy CEO at Technicolor

Interview with Tim Sarnoff, President Production Services and Deputy CEO at Technicolor

Tim Sarnoff is in charge of Technicolor’s Post-Production, Visual Effects, Animation and Games worldwide. Technicolor has production facilities located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Brussels, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai and Bangalore. Technicolor provides a wide range of production and post-production services to the M&E industry, but in this interview I focused more on the VR, AR and HDR work that Technicolor is involved with:

(Don’t forget to watch the 360° video using the Google Chrome browser at the highest resolution you can – ideally 4K 2160s. If it doesn’t run smoothly at 2160s come down to 1440s or 1080HD. Click your mouse on the video and drag left and right and up and down to see the scene in 360º spherical.)

Technicolor’s internationally-renowned creative production facilities, THE MILL, MPC (The Moving Picture Company), MR. X, and MIKROS IMAGE offers visual effects and post production to the entire entertainment industry including tv and feature films, advertising, and feature animation.

Technicolor’s Animation and Games businesses help customers turn their ideas into reality thanks to the talents of our experienced front-end team in Burbank and our world class production studio in Bangalore, India.

Technicolor ‘s post-production blends award-winning color talent with innovative file-based technologies to service the complete breadth of your content. Starting with our premier Color Science team that helps you manage the challenges in unique digital workflows, to the post production realm where we have dedicated teams to support dailies, scanning and editorial to VFX, DI processing, graphics and titles. We offer customized digital workflows and on-location broadcast services that are second to none, giving you studio quality, real-time control while near the set. Our Sound group works with the picture side to offer premiere design and mixing services. Technicolor is a trusted partner that ensures your content is optimized, secured and delivered in the digital landscape.

Don’t forget to read my primer article on how to watch 360º videos if you don’t already know.



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