28 Days of Quicktips

Wherein the Editblog attempts a new Quicktip for every day in February


I just love quick tips! It’s so much fun to see a blog post, Tweet, comment or image that gives me a little piece of editing / software knowledge that I didn’t know before. I read the tip for a minute or so, try out the tip and then it’s stuck in my brain from that point forward. Well … some of them I will forget if I don’t use them very much but for the most part they seem to stick pretty well. I’ve been using Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro for about as long as I can remember but there are still learn new things about the software I see, read and stumble upon from time to time. For the last little while I’ve been making a list of some of my favorite Quicktip. I’m almost to 28 so I thought that February 2009 would be the perfect month in which to post one Quicktip a day! Some are my favorites, some are new discoveries, some are tips I probably learned elsewhere (so if you were an originator of a particular tip thanks!). I hope that one or more will be helpful. The madness begins tomorrow, February 1, 2009!

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