URSA Mini Pro 12K
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Mcneil Belle

🤯🤯🤯 mind blowing write up and videos when will we get more

Troy Phillips

I was just getting into the article and it ended .

I was also hoping for more info on expected image quality compared to other cameras especially in the 10-15k range .

wondering about the iso usable range . I shoot live music shows . And the lighting can be all over the place . Having a sensor with equal amounts of Red , Green and Blue is super beneficial I believe. And then having a separate White could really help out especially when some lighting companies like to pound the center mic hard with a white light . Some shows they’ll flood a stage hard with one color . Either Red or Blue and having it equal on the sensor will help gain some resolution back . Shooting live music shows is demanding upon the dynamic range of a camera too . So I just see this tech being beneficial to my line of work. Now that we shoot 6-9 cameras I just need a ton of cash to get into the system.

Thanks Blackmagic

Copy Ed

“malleable” not “maluble” good grief

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