Wooden Camera launches accessories to build a Sony FX9 run-and-gun rig

Wooden Camera launches accessories for Sony FX9 camera

The new production ready accessory kits from Wooden Camera for the Sony FX9 camera include everything you need to build the perfect run-and-gun rig. Find them now! Last November Wooden Camera announced new accessory kits and power plates compatible with the new Canon C500mkII, which where then now available for pre-order, with shipping starting in […]

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MSE Panel Stand: a practical crank stand for video and photography

MSE Panel Stand: a crank stand for video and photography

Having a hard time placing your lighting? Then, maybe you should check the Panel Stand from Matthews Studio Equipment, which offers a quick set-up stand to support anything from LED panels to monitors. Designed to aptly support today’s panel and balloon-style lighting fixtures, LED monitors, screens, overhead frames and backdrops, the Panel Stand also offers […]

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Faking 3D in After Effects

Faking 3D in After Effects 3

3D is ever present in the motion graphics world. It’s also hard to learn and, occasionally, overkill. That’s where moviola.com comes in. This week, we explore the different methods of creating 3D effects within After Effects to save you that extra bit of time and effort. These days, every motion graphics spot seems to require […]

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