ART OF THE CUT with editors of “Ford v. Ferrari”

ART OF THE CUT with editors of "Ford v. Ferrari" 1

Michael McCusker, ACE was nominated for an Oscar and won an ACE Eddie for editing Walk the Line (2005).  He was nominated for an Australian Screen Editor’s Award for his work on Australia (2008). And he won the Hollywood Film Awards’ Best Editor of the Year for his work on the film we’re discussing today, […]

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Speed test & review: Plugable NVMe Thunderbolt3 SSD external SSD

Speed test & review: Plugable NVMe Thunderbolt3 SSD external SSD 5

After the first look I published last week of the Plugable NVMe Thunderbolt3 external SSD, now I have my full review and speed tests. I tested three ways: in exFAT formatting (as it comes from the factory), in HFS+ (which Apple likes to call “Mac OS Extended”) and in the latest and greatest APFS (Apple […]

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Shutterstock offers a new unlimited monthly music subscription

Shutterstock offers a new unlimited music subscription

Shutterstock announced a new unlimited music, cost-efficient, subscription geared toward digital content creators, including YouTubers, podcast producers, and social media managers. Aware of the changes in the market, Shutterstock, a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, today announced the launch of an unlimited monthly subscription for Shutterstock […]

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PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: Black Friday on the horizon

PVC’s Black Friday 2019 deals: Black Friday on the horizon

Black Friday is back, and it’s about time to check some of the offers available for videographers and photographers. The next weeks we will bring you some of the best 2019 Black Friday deals. The longest Friday of the year is back, and it has already started for some.  The yearly Black Friday is the […]

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Atomos Sumo 19 monitor gets live asynchronous switching upgrade

Atomos upgraded the Sumo 19 multi-camera switching

Multi-camera switching and recording becomes easier with the Atomos Sumo 19, thanks to the new AtomOS 9.2 that will be available as a free download from the company’s website. With a price of $2495 (excluding local taxes) the Sumo 19 is, according to Atomos, “the most advanced HDR Production Monitor/Recorder/Switcher ever”, allowing you to “really […]

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