NAB 2018: CTpro for iPhone

CTPro's camera, zoomed halfway, in record.

NAB’s first day saw the release of CTpro, an integrated iPhone News Gathering app from France. CTpro lets you shoot HD video using a full-featured camera app; cut it in an iPhone-optimized NLE; add templated titles, music, and voice-over; automix the audio; and export your show to your TV station, YouTube channel, or FTP site. […]

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At NAB 2018: Kinefinity, the Chinese camera maker, showed off their entire camera line-up with a special emphasis on the brand new MAVO and MAVO LF (LF means Large Format as in Full-Frame). Both cameras were present on the convention floor but only one was available to for pixel peeping. Nevertheless, these two cameras are […]

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AMD Ryzen CPU: 2nd generation arrives soon

AMD Ryzen processors: 2nd generation arrives soon

Announced as the ultimate desktop CPU for high-performance computing, the 2nd generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors lineup includes two 8-core and and two 6-core models to choose from. One year after the first release of the award-winning AMD Ryzen processors, AMD announced, at the end of NAB 2018, that the 2nd generation AMD Ryzen desktop […]

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