What Adobe is working on: Have machines finally learned how to rotoscope? 3
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Have spent (wasted) countless hours trying to get the previous version of Rotobrush to work, I am reluctant to invest more time into this…but I probably will. I loath roto work, but sooner or later it has to be done. I pity anyone who is tasked with the job, especially when that person is me…LOL.

Fred Raimondi

Tools like this are useless unless you can edit the results. Adobe just doesn’t get it. I can’t think of ONE situation where I’ve rotoscoped something and then didn’t have to tweak the results. I love After Effects but the masking tools are pretty bad compared to Nuke or Mocha. It’s crazy that you can’t do a ripple edit of vertices.

For instance, in Nuke, you can select a point or bunch of points, tweak them, and then say, “going forward (or backward or universally) apply this change” The problem is that AE doesn’t let you pick off – or access the data for individual vertices. I”m sure the data is there, but the hooks to get to them don’t exist in AE.

Have you ever taken a generated roto (generated in Mocha or even AE’s Shape tracker), and then tried to apply a feathered point to that roto? You can’t. And really that’s where AE REALLY falls down. Wouldn’t it be great to apply a tracking transform to a roto without using it as an adjustment layer or track matte? Someday…Someday…

Elliot Butler-Anjo

I realize this post is two years old, but I had to chime in.

What you describe is possible with the aid of two (free) scripts: KeyTweak and Tracker2Mask. Both have been around for more than a decade — which might be why Adobe hasn’t developed these features.

KeyTweak: https://aescripts.com/keytweak/
Tracker2Mask: https://aescripts.com/tracker2mask/

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