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Ultralight backpacks from MindShift Gear

The UltraLight series of daypacks aims to be the lightest photo – or video – backpack series ever. It is also designed so you can access gear without removing the pack.


MindShift Gear started 2016 offering a series of lighter backpacks to photographers. After the FirstLight series of backpacks reaching up to 40L, the company introduces three daypacks conceived for photographers and videographers who want to travel light.

Comparing models like the FirstLight 30L, with 5.4lb (2.4kg) against the UltraLight Dual 36L, with 3.3 lbs. (1.5kg), gives an idea of what is achieved with these models.

The information available from MindShift Gear indicates that outdoor photographers can now go faster and farther with what may be the lightest photo daypacks ever: the UltraLight Sprint 16L, UltraLight Dual 25L, and UltraLight Dual 36L side-panel designs allow quick access to cameras, lenses, and accessories without first having to take off the bag. The backpacks also offer generous space for personal belongings, zippered storage, a hydration reservoir and electronics. Additional features include an integrated tripod mounting system and highly breathable shoulder straps.


The UltraLight Sprint, with 16L capacity, easily converts from a photo pack to a daypack. The UltraLight Dual 25L and Dual 36L both feature a removable insert, which can be worn as a shoulder bag or beltpack. Inside the backpack, you can drop a trap door that converts the bag to a single-compartment daypack.

“All aspects of the UltraLight backpacks were refined with weight in mind, including lightweight fabric, thinner webbing, lighter buckles, and shoulder straps with less padding,” said Doug Murdoch, MindShift Gear’s CEO and lead designer. “This allows the outdoor enthusiast to be able to go farther and faster as they are not weighed down by their pack.”

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