Through The Lens – Ep. 05: @misshattan

Born and raised in New York, Natalie was always passionate about the art of creating.  At an early age, her mind was set on working and living in the heart of Manhattan. After earning her bachelors of science and business management degree, she accepted an offer working for a financial institution. While coming and going to the office on the New York City streets, she realized that her passion was right in front of her. She began to take pictures and see things they way her mind had always envisioned them. With no planning but a positive gut feeling, she left the corporate financial world to now become a freelance photographer. Since then, Natalie has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and has partnered with such brands as Jaguar, AT&T, Nike, HP, and Beats by Dre. She currently has over 285,000 people following her photography journey through social media.



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