The return of the LensShifter

LensShifter is back on Kickstarter, with a new campaign, already funded, to change the colours of this accessible tool to focus and zoom your lenses.

The return of the LensShifter

LensShifter Pro is the new designation for the balanced focus and zoom grip for camera lenses from the same people behind FocusShifter, and it’s all about colour.

Although modern focus systems make it easier for videographers to use autofocus, there are times when you really want the precision that manual gives you. LensShifter is a tool to focus and zoom your lenses. Now the tool returns, under a new name, more professional: LensShifter Pro. Keep reading to discover why.

The creators of FocusShifter and LensShifter are back on Kickstarter, and it is all about colours. In fact, they are offering a new version of LensShifter because, by popular demand, LensShifter is being updated to a new professional color scheme. Now, only the control balls are in colour, so you easily identify which controls what, but the body goes matte black, so it blends with your camera.

The return of the LensShifter

While the original design worked as promised, according to those who use the tool, the fact is that the vibrant colours of the initial LensShifter made videographers look like kids playing with a toy camera. So, the team behind the accessory went back to the drawing board, and are now on the final steps at Kickstarter, before entering production of the new LensShifter Pro.

LensShifter Pro is now available in 3 different colors, allowing easy identification of focus or zoom. Besides the Red and Blue already present (but now only on the control balls) a new colour is introduced: Light Gray. If you don’t want to have the vibrant colours on your tool, you can go for the Light Gray and Black set. Besides, this color matches the Sony or Canon white lenses.

The return of the LensShifter

The colours do not change the function, though. LensShifter Pro continues to be an easy way to achieve perfect focus and zoom. The difference between sharp professional shots and blurry subjects is the focus. You can easily master the art of precise manual focus by adding the LensShifter to any lens. LensShifter allows smooth focus pulls and fine tuned focus, while the zoom control allows for quicker and smoother change of focal length.

LensShifter Pro is compatible with most DSLR, Mirrorless, Micro 4/3, and other interchangeable camera lenses with a focus ring outer diameter between 56mm & 98mm. The accessory is the little brother of FocusShifter, a focusing aid solution we mentioned in a guide for videographers published here at ProVideo Coalition in 2014.

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