The DAM Roadmap Can Show You the Way

In an effort to create awareness of the challenges and pitfalls of implementing a DAM System, Createasphere has teamed up with Nigel Cliffe of Cliffe Associates to produce the Digital Asset Management Road Map: Secrets of a Successful DAM Implementation.


In this Road Map, we outline success criteria, potential pitfalls, trends to watch, and tips for navigating through a DAM implementation.

The DAM Road Map is designed to help people pick out key criteria for successful implementation of DAM solutions. It gives users helpful hints and lets them know how to approach DAM solutions in a sensible manner.

The DAM Road Map outlines the various challenges people will face in the DAM space and offers invaluable tips in multiple areas by focusing on various pitfalls and trends. It also establishes a familiarity with terms and issues that are involved with any DAM solution such as metadata, user interface, security, workflow and collaboration in order to help the return on investment.

You can find the Digital Asset Management Road Map at http://www.damroadmap.com/

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