Teradek RT: wireless lens control for filmmakers

Teradek and RT Motion have joined forces to create what is presented as the world’s most responsive, accurate, and feature-rich wireless FI+Z systems for cinematographers.

Teradek RT: wireless lens control for filmmakers

Manufactured in the USA and sold by Teradek, the new product line, known as Teradek RT,  is compatible with any industry standard camera.

RT Motion was founded in the UK by filmmakers seeking to craft lens control systems without compromise. Now a part of Teradek, RT Motion will guide the design of the next generation of sophisticated lens control technology with the help of Teradek’s expertise in wireless video.

RT Motion wireless lens control systems are renowned for their world-class performance and dependability at affordable prices. A typical kit is comprised of a controller, up to 3 motors, and a receiver that attaches to your camera.

Teradek RT: wireless lens control for filmmakers

The newly-branded Teradek RT line of products is compatible with any industry standard camera, including ARRI, Panasonic, Blackmagic Design, Sony, and RED. The Latitude line of receivers offer deep integration with RED DSMC and DSMC 2 cameras, allowing users to control EF/AF lenses with their internal motors, in addition to configuring shutter, start/stop, ISO, and button features (2x magnification, edge, focus assist) from the wireless controller. For finer control, FoolControl users can connect their mobile devices to a Latitude receiver’s WiFi access point.

One of the key technological breakthroughs with Teradek RT is the MK 3.1 brushless motor, which offers an unparalleled combination of torque, responsiveness, and accuracy. The motors never cog, spark, or skip, and operate in near silence, even at high speeds or with vintage PL lenses. Most importantly, these brushless motors offer four times the service life of brushed motors, making them the most reliable on the market.

Teradek RT: wireless lens control for filmmakers

The MK 3.1 4-Axis controller has 4 user-mappable axes for lens control: knob, slider, and wheel A & B. The controller offers an extremely smooth, fluid feel with adjustable drag, ensuring you can dial in that shot with perfect accuracy even at ranges up to 5000 ft. A 6-Axis controller with Forcezoom joystick is also available.

Teradek RT accessories include Thumbwheels, a Zoom Rocker, and the Smartknob, which is a standalone wired controller for Canon EF & Nikon AF lenses on DSMC / DSMC2 cameras. The controller has 6 user-mappable buttons, a fully customizable layout, and can be used as a wired second-hand unit for dedicated axis hand-off or as the wired primary controller.

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