Videoguys Technicians Update System Recommendations for Video Editing

The Videoguys techs spend a lot of time on the phone and in chats with customers and one of the most popular questions we get asked is “What are the recommeneded system requirements for video editing?” Our techs are happy to answer this question but have also put together a very detailed guide with recommendations for PC or Mac users who want to know that their new system can handle video editing. The Videoguys System Recommendation page even includes video storage recommendations, a valuable rule to determine how much RAM you need, and lots more helpful advice.

Videoguys System Recommendations

Many computer software and hardware vendors will list a minimum system spec that is often not adequate. While you will have enough horsepower to make them run, you may not get the full advertised performance and you will be disappointed. This is why we have chosen to post our own minimum recommended system for the latest new NLEs. We are confident that if you follow our guidelines you will be very happy with your new NLE purchase.

For best results, make it a Workstation

If you are going to be editing long form videos (over an hour long) or you want to add lots of 3D effects, filters and have multiple layers of video flying all over the screen, you want a workstation class machine. This will insure you get the stability and performance you demand from your NLE system

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