NAB Show

Snapshots – NAB 2008 Day 1

Various images from the show floor

Carlos Acosta shows off his prototype shoulder mount for the F23

Carlos Acosta shows off his prototype shoulder mount for the F23 at the Band Pro booth. Fully flexible configuration: grips rotate freely or lock down, and adjust laterally, vertically, and in or out. Shoulder pad is positionable and can be angled; split foam padding velcroed in place allows easy changes, such as a thicker pad on the “outboard” side for better balance. Completely tool-free adjustment and assembly, too; and squeak-free by design. Nice work!

Canon XL H1s: new lens with better focus ring, iris ring; tweaked control ergonomics; expanded picture-rendering menus: an incremental improvement of an already capable HDV camcorder.

RED Scarlet mockups: Check out Mike Curtis’ NAB coverage for all the RED NAB details.

Scarlet. 2/3″ 3k sensor, 8x fixed zoom, $3k. Shipping 2009?

RED Epic. S35mm sensor, 5k, $40k; $17.5 trade-in on RED ONEs. Shipping 2009?

Real BNCs and full-size XLRs: RED IS capable of learning from mistakes. Now, if only they could incorporate real BNCs (at least) in future RED ONE builds…

Next: more RED stuff; s.two

The new RED 300mm prime (I think; lenses are labeled with relieved but unfilled marks. Unlike, say, a DigiPrime, you can’t tell what new RED lens is mounted by glancing at it as it isn’t labeled for ready recognition).

Business end of the 300mm.

RED 18-85mm. The mechanicals on these new lenses are FAR superior to the distressingly coarse action of the 18-50mm.

RED primes reworked with new mechanicals.

RED R/C helicopter. As far as I know, it’s not for sale. But it’s in the RED tent, so you never know…

S.two’s 4k-capable digital film recorder (uncompressed disk storage), a mere snip at $50K; S.two’s Steve Roach demos live de-Bayering and aspect-ratio correction of an Arri D21’s raw images made with a 150mm anamorphic lens.

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