Selecting a DAM Vendor

The vendor selection process will make or break the digital asset management implementation and execution. Careful selection involves the evaluation of several different aspects including:

  • Background / Experience
  • Financial Stability
  • Application Technology
  • Implementation Timelines
  • Product Functionality
  • Cost

The primary make-up to digital assets includes photographic images or other various graphic arts files. It is critical for the vendor to understand the nature of imagery and the associated color spaces, file formats, and cross-platform environment for usage on both Windows and Mac OS. When seeking qualified digital asset management vendors request detailed information on experience pertaining to how they initially evolved into a digital asset management vendor, how long has the product been in existence, how has it evolved throughout the years, and what is the make-up of the support team (i.e. software engineers, marketing research, technical liaisons, implementation administrators, execution teams, and ongoing support staff).

Financial Stability
Financial stability of a digital asset management vendor is critical to the ongoing support and maintenance of the application. Evaluate the participating vendors by determining credit rating, future investment strategies, and growth plan. digital asset management vendors with limited financial resources are cause for concern given the need to continuously invest in the most advanced technology available to uphold performance standards and future industry specifications and standards.

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