REVIEW - Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition 1
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Frank Feijen

Hi Kevin, how long do you think you could work on batterypower?

Mike Griggs

I have a 2018 Razer laptop and it has been great in many respects, it works well with production apps and has an excellent screen. But I am going back to a MacBook Pro when the serious M1 chips arrive now that the M1’s look like they can potentially offer decent GPU support.


Power Brick, Power Brick, Power Brick….its huge. How does the brick on the new razor look in comparison to the laptop? Also as mentioned as a UK based artist, customer care is not as well covered for non US customers. Also fan noise while good can still be obtrusive. Build quality is the best on a pc I have come across, but still not a patch on a Mac. Finally no PC laptop I have used for serious production work, which includes the Razer, works well on the battery in the way that a Mac does out of the box.

I like the Razer’s a lot but its not as foolproof as a Mac can be.

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