real-time searching and translation across globally-dispersed, multilingual scientific literature

The Office of Science –.

Washington, D.C.—Scientific language barriers were broken today in Helsinki with the launch of MultilingualWorldWideScience.org. While a large share of scientific literature is published in English, vast quantities of high-quality science are not, and the pace of non-English scientific publishing is increasing.WorldWideScience.org will now enable the first-ever real-time searching and translation across globally-dispersed, multilingual scientific literature using complex translations technology.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, resolving the global challenges of science requires rapid communication of scientific knowledge,” said Dr. William F. Brinkman, Director of the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy. “Breaking the language barrier throughWorldWideScience.org will help erode borders and build research networks across DOE, the nation, and around the globe.”

MultilingualWorldWideScience.orgBETA builds on its previous English-only capabilities to allow users to search non-English databases in China, Russia, France, and several Latin American countries and receive search results translated into one of nine languages. This will benefit the English-speaking science community as it enables searching and translation of non-English sources. Conversely, it will benefit native speakers of other major languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian) by translating search results into the user’s language of choice. More languages will be added in the coming months. This new capability is the result of an international public-private collaboration between theWorldWideScience.org Alliance, consisting of national science and technology agencies and libraries, and Microsoft Research, whose translation technology has been paired with the federated searching technology of Deep Web Technologies, Inc. The global gateway to science is hosted at the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information within the Office of Science

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