Quicktips 2011 Day 05: Change Sequence Timecode in Media Composer 5

Avid moved the change sequence timecode command in MC 5 and didn’t tell us

Prior to Avid Media Composer 5.0 if you wanted to change the sequence timecode of an edit you hit the key stroke command + I while in the Record window and up popped a dialog box where that could be changed. Now in 5.0 command + I opens an info window with sequence details. But the ability to change Sequence timecode is still there.

To change the Sequence timecode right + click in the Record monitor window and choose Sequence Report:


That will open the new Sequence Report window. There’s you’ll see a Starting TC number. Click there and change to the desired starting timecode. Then click the Apply Changes button and cancel out of that dialog box. The Sequence timecode will then be changed.


If you take a minute and look around there’s some things that might be of use in the Sequence Report if you have to ever generate detailed information about a sequence.

Another easy way to change the starting timecode is to locate the sequence in its bin and bring up the Start column in the bin. Then just click and type the new desired starting timecode in the sequence’s Start column:


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